Clinical Assessment

Credit Hours: 

Introduction to the theory, concepts, methods, and issues related to assessment in the practice of clinical psychology. Provides a foundation for further study of assessment through advanced courses, practice, and self-directed learning.

This course is designed to:

  1. give students an overview of the fundamental areas pertinent to the varieties of clinical psychological and psychiatric assessment;
  2. provide a descriptive overview of various assessment techniques;
  3. provide exposure to assessment materials;
  4. provide limited opportunities for actual test administration;
  5. promote understanding of concepts and theory related to assessment use, reliability, validity, and ethics;
  6. give students an understanding of the importance of cultural and other forms of diversity in the selection and application of assessment instruments;
  7. give students a basic understanding of the multiple ways in which psychologists assess the clinical presentations of clients/patients, and an introduction to the most appropriate ways to conduct such assessments;
  8. prepare students for the further study of assessment through advanced courses, practica, and self-directed learning.
Semester Offered: