Clinical Staffing Procedures

Credit Hours: 

Practicum in clinical psychology. Supervised experience in assessment and treatment of clinical problems using a wide variety of applicable techniques. Professional roles and ethical concepts of the clinical psychologist are integrated with clinical procedures.

The objectives of this clinical practicum are to help the student:

  1. gain supervised experience in a psychological services delivery setting;
  2. develop knowledge, competencies, proficiencies, skills, and abilities in psychological assessment and intervention, including empirically supported treatments;
  3. acquire specific skills related to developing and structuring a therapeutic relationship, selecting and implementing appropriate assessment methods, conceptualizing clinical problems, formulating intervention strategies; implementing and managing interventions, writing reports, communicating with other professionals, receiving and giving supervisory/consultative feedback in a clinical setting;
  4. develop an understanding of issues of cultural and individual diversity as they relate to psychological assessment and interventions;
  5. acquire knowledge of relevant ethical and professional standards and the ability to apply these in the clinical setting;
  6. develop skills for critical thinking and problem-solving in the clinical context;
  7. develop skills for integrating science and clinical practice;
  8. develop skills for self-awareness and self-evaluation;
  9. develop an appreciation for lifelong learning and continuing professional education.
Permission of Major Professor
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