Seminar in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

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Consideration of significant and current topics in industrial-organizational psychology as determined by the interests and research activities of the faculty.

The purpose of this course is to give students the opportunity to enhance their understanding of organizational leadership theories, concepts, contexts, and competencies, as well as to move them to put their understanding into practice, through engagement with and reflection upon literary texts. Moreover, through such engagement and reflection, and through the creation of their own literary texts, students should gain further understanding of "the moral responsibilities of leadership" and become better "prepared to exercise leadership in service to society", particularly since several of the cases focus specifically upon moral responsibility and upon service to others. Also, the course is intended to help students learn to use their imagination to interpret people and situations from multiple perspectives, to envision multiple possibilities for a given situation, to move beyond literal thinking to metaphorical thinking, and to synthesize ideas into meaningful concepts or even theories. In that sense, the course is as much about inquiry and methodology for an understanding of leadership -- albeit not directly so -- as it is about the content and practice of leadership.

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