Clinical Internship in Psychology

Credit Hours: 

Professional practice of clinical psychology under constant and close supervision. This professional work will include treatment of patients, group and individual psychotherapy, teaching, and research.

The objectives of the clinical internship in psychology are to:

  1. provide the student with supervised experience in a psychological services delivery setting;
  2. provide the student with experience in the application of psychological concepts, knowledge, principles and theory in a service delivery context;
  3. provide the student with experience in the application of standards of professional conduct and ethics;
  4. ensure that the student has knowledge of and can apply relevant standards for providers of psychological services;
  5. ensure that the student develops intermediate to advanced level knowledge and skills in the theory and methods of assessment, diagnosis, effective interventions, consultation, supervision, evaluation, research strategies, and in issues of cultural and individual diversity related to all of these areas.
Permission of Major
Semester Offered: