Undergraduate Research Assistantships

The UGA Primate Behavior and Cognition Lab accepts a select few undergraduate students each semester for positions as undergraduate research assistants. Research assistants are assigned to work on a project in collaboration with and/or under the supervision of Dr. Fragaszy or one of the resident graduate students. Typical responsibilities may include running experiments, article reviews, coding behavior from video, data analysis, and practice manuscript writing. Research assistants are required to attend weekly lab meetings, and to be signed up for research credit hours through Psychology, Biology, Anthropology, Warnell, Ecology, or CURO research courses (e.g, 4800, 4860) during the semester of the assistantship. For more information, please go to https://curo.uga.edu/students/research-courses​.​ 

To apply for a position as an URA in the Primate Cognition and Behavior Laboratory, please send a Microsoft Word Document to Dr. Fragaszy (doree@uga.edu) and/or Caroline Jones (cejones@uga.edu) which includes the following information: name, year, GPA, major, career interest, name/contact information for a reference (professor, boss, etc.), and 1 paragraph about why you are interested in working in the primate lab. A resume is also recommended. Please be aware that positions in the UGA Primate Cognition and Behavior Laboratory are competitive, and assistanships are awarded based on available openings, previous experience, and year (juniors and seniors have seniority). Your application and/or interview does not guarantee a position withing the lab.