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Instructor, PSYC 4200 (Social Psychology)

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404 Psychology
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In addition to my roles as researcher and course instructor, I serve as lab manager for Dr. Keith Campbell’s MERLab and have recently completed a UX Research internship at Facebook in Menlo Park, California. My research examines the influence of technology on behavior, identity, and personality. Recent/ongoing projects explore the role of social technologies in addiction, the determinants of music-listening behavior on Spotify, and the interplay between user profiles, motives, and interpersonal relationships initiated through popular mobile dating apps like Tinder and Grindr. I am passionate about passionate people, science, music, and have always loved teaching and mentoring students. 


UX Research and Design



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412 Psychology
Research Interests:

My research examines the influence of technology on behavior, identity, and personality. In terms of how my research applies to real people, I make use of advanced statistical analytics tools, sophisticated theoretical models, and robust leadership and communication skills to demystify complex data and solve problems. I want to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and ethics of digital technologies and the teams behind them in order to help build a more sustainable future for human-computer interaction. 


President's Venture Fund 

Dissertation/Thesis Title:
An Imperfect Shadow: Personality in the Virtual World
Degree Completion Date:
Selected Publications:

Antwine, R. D., Snell, M. R., & Campbell, W. K. (2018, March). The vision we share: Political narratives, moral values, and utopia. Presented at meeting of Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Atlanta.

Eiler, B. A., Doyle, P. C., Snell, M. R., & Al-Kire, R. L. (2018, June). Mixed media methodology: Using tech to explore social problems. Accepted for presentation at meeting of Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, Pittsburgh.

McCain, J. L., Weiler, P., Snell, M. R., & Campbell, W. K. (In review). Narcissism and online activism.

Snell, M.R., Campbell, W.K. (2018). The dopamine hypothesis of social media. Manuscript in preparation.

Snell, M.R., Campbell, W.K. (In review). Grindr profiles, implicit user motivations, and risky behavior: Implications for app design.

Snell, M.R., Campbell, W.K., McCain, J., Weiler, P., Siedor, L. (2017). Personality in the virtual world: Invariance, means, and a sketch of a discontents model. Manuscript in review. 

Snell, M.R., Pugh, D.T., Campbell, W.K. (2019). Sound and self: The role of music preferences in reducing discrepancies between the actual and ideal self. Accepted for presentation at annual meeting of Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Portland.

Snell, M.R. (2018, March). On society and its discontents: A prospective theory of human behavior in virtual worlds. Presented at meeting of Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Atlanta.

Snell, M.R. (2017). An imperfect shadow: Personality in the virtual world (master’s thesis). University of Georgia, Athens, United States.

Snell, M.R. (2017). Health-related outcomes of the great digital migration: A meta-analysis of life course research. Presented at Integrative Research and Ideas Symposium, Athens.   

Snell, M.R. (2017, January). Grindr: Relationship pursuits, sexually risky behavior, and authenticity in the early mobile broadband age. Presented at meeting of Society for Personality and Social Psychology, San Antonio.

Snell, M.R. (2017). Personality invariance in the virtual world. Presented at meeting of Psychology of Technology Institute, Berkeley.   

Snell, M.R. (2018). The great domain shift in human behavior: Assessing the lexical hypothesis in the digital age. Manuscript in Preparation.  

Weiler, P., McCain, J. L., McLane, W. L., Snell, M. R., & Campbell, W. K. (2018). Personality and minecraft: An exploratory study of the big five and narcissism. Manuscript in preparation.


M.S., Psychology, University of Georgia
PhD Student, Psychology, University of Georgia

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Sunday, January 6, 2019 - 11:21am

BBS Graduate student Michael Snell received a prestigious UX Research internship with Facebook. He will be working in Menlo Park, California for 12 weeks this summer. Congratulations Michael!