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Research Credits - PSYC4800

PSYC 4800 is a course for the advanced undergraduate psychology major who wishes to participate in supervised research. The purpose of PSYC 4800 is to give psychology majors the opportunity to learn research by doing it. This means becoming familiar with the relevant research literature, understanding and formulating hypotheses, participating in the design of experiments, collecting and analyzing data, and writing reviews and reports.


Prerequisites for PSYC 4800 are PSYC 3980, 3990, and at least one other course at the 3000 level or above. Students may register for only one PSYC 4800 per semester, for a maximum of 3 (semester) credit hours. Students may apply a maximum of 3 credit hours of PSYC 4800 toward psychology electives. Up to an additional 6 hours of PSYC 4800 may be applied as free electives. Students may not enroll in more than 9 hours total of PSYC 4800.

How to Get Involved in PSYC 4800

More information about PSYC 4800 


Faculty may post a "blue form," found on two bulletin boards in the psychology building -- one across the hall from the first floor elevator near the Hooper Street entrance to the building, and one inside the automatic door on the Baldwin Street 2nd floor entrance to the building.

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