Undergraduate Computer Lab: Hours of Operation

This page updated periodically -- please check for latest times


  • Computer lab open hours are subject to change and sometimes changes need to be made with short notice.
  • If you are taking the time to schedule group meetings (to work on projects) in the computer lab, send a notice to the lab TAs. If we know that people are scheduling times to meet in here we can try to avoid making changes during those times or if it is absolutely necessary we can send you a notice ahead of time.

UGA vLab

  • The University of Georgia has launched a new service to remotely access lab software from anywhere, anytime via a web browser on any device. The UGA Virtual Lab (vLab) allows students with a MyID and password to access a lab environment with applications to use on their work and personal devices, regardless if they are on or off campus.
  • It's like going to a computer lab without leaving your residence hall or home. vLab users can remotely access software such as SPSS, STATA, and EndNote from anywhere without having to pay for expensive licenses. It is recommended that instructors/TAs inform their classes of vLab as many students are unaware of its existence. vLab Login. vLab Overview.

Lab Policies and Procedures Manual (PDF)
Research Request Form (doc)


Jaeseon Song, js52853@uga.edu



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