Clinical Psychology

The Clinical Program is an APA-accredited program with a clinical science perspective, a strong research emphasis, and a cognitive-behavioral/social learning orientation. The program was recently ranked among the top 10 Clinical Psychology programs in the U.S. in training and graduating doctoral students who then go on to become academic research faculty, as well as placing in the top 10 in the number of publications produced by graduates of its Ph.D. program. The Clinical Program was also the recipient of the 1998 Outstanding Training Program Award by the Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy.

Program Description

The purpose of the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology is:

  • to give the student a knowledge of the field of psychology as a method of inquiry into human behavior with a focus on the central role of empiricism in all aspects of clinical psychology
  • to develop competence in theoretical and research issues that pertain to clinical psychology and related areas, and empirical methodologies for studying and providing clinical services
  • to give the student an identification with psychology as an integrated basic and applied science
  • to develop culturally competent skills in service and research recognizing the increasingly diverse communities which Psychologists serve
  • to insure that the individual has the ability to function in research-oriented (e.g., academic) and applied (e.g., medical centers) settings through the development of competencies in the production and consumption of research, the teaching of clinical psychology, and the supervision and provision of clinical services.

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