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The doctoral program in clinical psychology at UGA was recently accredited by the Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System (PCSAS) for a 10-year period. UGA’s program joins a small and prestigious group of only 25 doctoral programs who have been accredited by PCSAS, affirming UGA’s longstanding success in training clinical scientists. This accreditation attests to UGA’s clinical psychology program success in graduating students who are “competent (1) to conduct research relevant to the assessment, prevention, treatment, and understanding of health and mental health disorders; and (2) to use science methods and evidence to design, develop, select, evaluate, deliver, supervise, and disseminate empirically based assessments, interventions, and prevention strategies.”


Katie Devine

We are pleased to announce that Katie Devine, a 2008 PhD from our program, is the recipient of the 2015 Society of Pediatric Psychology's (SPP) Routh Early Career Award. SPP is Division 54 of the American Psychological Association. She will receive the award in April 2015 at the Annual SPP Conference in San Diego. Katie is currently an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Population Studies at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey.


October 2014



The Psychology Department is excited to announce its number 2 ranking in the 2014 list of Top 25 Graduate Programs for Psychology Studies. Graduate Programs establishes this ranking by surveying over 70,000 graduate students in programs nationwide. Given the wonderful people in our program, this comes as no surprise. Keep up the great work, everyone!


October 2014


The Psychology Department is pleased to congratulate our honorees of the 2013 and 2014 University of Georgia Graduate School Alumni of Distinction award. Of the 26 Awards so far, six recipients have strong connections to this Department. In alphabetical order, Dr. Phillip Brantley (2014) earned the M.S. and Ph.D. in the Clinical program under the supervision of the late Henry Adams.   Dr. Perry Buffington (2014) earned his M.A. in Counseling at UGA, and he currently teaches as a member of this department’s faculty at the Griffin Campus.  Dr. Michael Feuerstein (2014) earned the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Clinical under the supervision of Henry Adams.  Dr. Pamela Flattau (2014) earned the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Experimental Psychology under the supervision of Dr. Robert Pollack.  Dr. Donald Ingram (2013) earned the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in the Biopsychology under the supervision of the late L. J. Peacock..  Dr. Thomas Lyons (2013) earned the A.B. and M.S at UGA, the latter in Biopsychology under Dr. Joseph Allen; Dr. Lyons earned the M.D. degree in Colorado while playing for the Denver Broncos.  More about each of these distinguished alumni may be seen in their respective biographical sketches copied from the 2013-2014 Awards booklets and made available here.




The Psychology Department is delighted to congraulate Temilola Salami for winning the graduate student award at the Black Faculty and Staff Organization's 12th Annual Founder's Award Scholarship Luncheon. Way to go, Temilola!


August 2014





The Psychology Department is pleased to recognize Dr. Lloyd Stephen Miller for his election as an APA Division 40 Neuropsychology fellow. Congratulations, Dr. Miller!



The Psychology Department is pleased to welcome Dr. Danielle Dickens to our faculty! Dr. Dickens will be a new lecturer in our department, offering courses in social psychology, cultural diversity, and (in the spring) Psych of Prejudice. Look for her brand new section of social psychology opening this fall, and she will also be joining this fall's cultural diversity class. Dr. Dickens received her Ph.D. from Colorado State University, and got her undergraduate from Spelman, so she is familiar with Georgia and is glad to be back. Let's give her a hearty welcome to campus!


June 2014

Congratulations to our recent graduates! To download pictures from the undergraduate graduation ceremonies, click here.


We are proud to announce that our very own Elizabeth Davis was selected for the 2014 Franklin College Staff Excellence Award in the category of professional staff. Congratulations, Elizabeth!


April 2014

Antonio E. Puente, Professor of Psychology at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and UGA alum, has been nominated and now seeks the vote for the Presidency of the American Psychological Association. After 35 years of leadership with the APA and other nation health organizations, Puente seeks to establish the APA as a leader in healthcare reform while holding true to its century long and rich history. To learn more about Puente's campaign, click here.


November 2013


Students in the Clinical program recently received recognition for their poster presentation at the National Academy of Neuropsychology’s Conference in San Diego. First author Nick Puente, along with graduate students Cutter Lindbergh and Doug Terry and undergraduate students Kirstin Chu and Sarah Evans as coauthors, received a “Best Student Poster” award for their work entitled “Exploring the Relationship between Cognitive Reserve and Functional Ability: the role of cognitive functioning." Congratulations!



November 2013

The department of psychology would like to announce two new faculty positions at the University of Georgia. One position is available in Industrial-Organizational Psychology as well as Clinical. For more information, please click here.

September 2013

UGA Today recently interviewed Dr. James Brown about his research into visual misperception. To read this article, please click here.

July 2013

The department of Psychology was just ranked the 3rd best graduate program for psychology by These rankings were based off of student responses and a cumulative rating system. For more information on this story, please click here.

June 2013

The department would like to congratulate the Coverdell Center for Neuroimaging Program at the University of Georgia for being awarded renewed support by the John and Mary Franklin Foundation. This award will provide stipends, intensive training, and travel funds for outstanding graduate students using neuroimagin techiniques. The award funding is also used to sponser visiting lectures and keynote speakers.

April 2013

The department would like to congratulate Lillian Eby for being named director of the Owens Institute for Behavioral Research. Dr. Eby's work was recently recognized by UGA Columns for the 2013 Creative Research Awards. Dr. Eby's research was also covered by the National Institue on Drug Abuse.

The department would like to recognize Dr. Randy Hammond for being covered by UGA Today for his research on obesity and vision loss.

We would like to congratulate all of the winners of departmental awards at our ceremony in April. For a listing of the award winners, please click here.

March 2013

The department would like to congratulate Dr. Jennifer McDowell for being awarded the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO) Master Level Faculty Mentoring Award. These awards recognize outstanding faculty who consistently make a concerted effort to engage undergraduate researchers and enhance the learning experience of undergraduates at the University of Georgia.

March 2013

Professor L. Stephen Miller and graduate student Douglas Terry were recently recognized by UGA Today and other news sources for their recent research on the long-term effects of concussions. Their study, recently published in the journal Brain Injury, found minimal differences in cognitive functioning and brain activation patterns when comparing young athletes with a history of concussions to athletes without concussions.

Their new study is examining the effects of concussions later in life. They are currently recruiting male volunteers ages 40 to 65 who did or did not sustain concussions earlier in life. Email ugafootballstudy {at} gmail dt com or call (706) 542-3076 for more information.

February 2013

The department of Psychology would like to congratulate Dr. Dorothy Fragaszy, Head of the Behavioral and Brain Sciences Program, for being featured on the home page of PLOS ONE. PLOS ONE is one of the most well respected journals in the fields of science and medicine. PLOS ONE is the journal of the Public Library of Science and uses an Open Access model of publication. Dr. Fragaszy's research can be found here.

November 2012

The department of Psychology would like to congratulate graduate students Kristin Loiselle, Bonney Reed-Knight, and Natale Sciolino for their awards from the Achievement Rewards for College Students-Foundation. The ARCS funds exceptional research projects and students. For more information on the award, please click here.

The department of Psychology would like to congratulate Matt Sanders and Lenny Martin for their research being covered on the University of Georgia's main website. Their research examines the relationship between sugar and reaction time (PDF). For more information on their research please click here.

October 2012

The department of Psychology would like to congratulate Jennifer Lee, M.S. for being selected as a student representative for the Student Advisory Board to the Executive Committee of the Society of Pediatric Psychology. As Student Representative, Jen will attend all of the mid-winter and APA meetings of the Executive Committee, assist in organizing programming at the annual National Conference on Pediatric Psychology, help coordinate activities of the Student Advisory Board, and advocate for student interests.

Dr. Sweet named Gary R. Sperduto Professor of Psychology

The University of Georgia Psychology Department would like to welcome Dr. Lawrence H. Sweet. A clinical neuropsychologist whose research explores the relationship between physical changes in the brain and conditions as diverse as dementia, nicotine dependence and obesity has joined UGA as the inaugural Gary R. Sperduto Professor of Psychology in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. For more information on this story in the Georgia Column, please click here.

Dr. Campbell's interview by the college of Arts and Sciences

The Department Head of Psychology Keith Campbell, was interviewed by the college of Arts and Sciences at the University of Georgia. To view this video interview of Dr. Campbell, please click here.

Taylor Sparks awarded Kenneth E. Clark Student Research Award

Recent University of Georgia Industirial-Organizational Psychology program graduate Dr. Taylor Sparks was recently chosen as the winner of the best paper for the 2012 Kenneth E. Clark Student Research Award. This award was sponsored by the Center for Creative Leadership and given to her paper entitled "What Do You Give Me?' Versus 'What Do You Mean to Me?' Exploring the Impact of Ethical Leadership and Abusive Supervision on Employee Well-Being." This paper was chosen from a pool of 97 submissions from 11 countries.

Dr. James MacKillop awarded the G. Alan Marlatt Award

Dr. James MacKillop received the G. Alan Marlatt Award for Distinguished Scientific Early Career Contributions from the Society for Addiction Psychology (Division 50 of the American Psychological Association). This award is given annually to recognize distinguished early scientific contributions to the field of addictions and was presented on August 4th at the APA annual convention.

Recent Student Awards

The department is proud to announce several accomplishments and awards that have been given to graduate and undergradate students in Psychology in the past few months. For a list of many of these awards please click here.

Dr. MacKillop's interview with UGA Today

The department is proud to announce that Dr. James MacKillop's research on smoking addiction was recently covered by the UGA website, UGA Today. For more information, please click here.

Allison Howard and Kacy Welsh awarded a grant to develop a Language Across the Curriculum course

Allison Howard and Dr. Kacy Welsh have been awarded a grant to develop a Language Across the Curriculum course in PSYC 1101 (Elementary Psychology) with integrated Portuguese. This course will assist allow more people to access to learning about psychology. For more information on this program, please click this link.

The American Psychology Foundation joins the APA Science Directorate in congratulating Michael Amlung, M.S (Doctoral Candidate, Department of Psychology, The University of Georgia) as a recipient of the American Psychological Foundation's 2012 Ungerleider/Zimbardo Travel Scholarship. This highly-competitive scholarships awarded annually to seven graduate students nation-wide, based on quality of the student's current research and overall scholarly record. Mr. Amlung will receive a cash prize from APF to support travel to present his research at the 120th Annual APA Annual Convention in Orlando, FL. Along with the other recipients, Mr. Amlung will also be recognized in an upcoming issue of the APA Monitor on Psychology as well as the APF Newsletter. More Information on this award is available on the APF Web site, at: Congratulations again on this prestigious award.

The Department of Psychology recently held its annual awards reception in the reading room of the Miller Learning Center. This reception was a nice opportunity for members of the Psychology Department and their colleagues to honor our students, staff, and faculty for all of their hard work and accomplishments during the 2011-2012 academic year. View photos of the event and a list of award winners

Please join us in congratulating our graduates!

This year, for the first time in its long and illustrious history, the Psychology department held an undergraduate graduation ceremony on May 11, 2012. Two of them, actually, because although we reserved a large room, we needed two seatings to accommodate all of the graduating seniors who wished to take part. This ceremony was the only opportunity for our graduates to be honored individually for their accomplishment, as we had them marching with their names announced. A special thank you to the many people who made this event possible, especially Dr. Adam Goodie, Dr. Keith Campbell, Dr. Janet Frick, Ms. Tracey Villaveces, Mr. Daniel Harrison, Ms. Sandra Hodo, Ms. Nikki Hobus, and Mr. Michael Amlung. Photos from the two ceremonies are available online.

Professor Adam Goodie Receives Creative Research Medal from UGA

April, 2012

Adam Goodie, associate professor of psychology, was a recipient of a 2012 Creative Research Medal from UGA. Dr. Goodie studies pathological gambling and the cognitive processes, decision-making and personality characteristics associated with this dangerous condition that affects millions of Americans. Goodie discovered that the likelihood for one to gamble does not depend entirely on objective probabilities or how the individual perceives them, but on whether the individual perceives they can control the probabilities. Congratulations to Dr. Goodie on this outstanding achievement. More Information

Dr. Jennifer McDowell Receives UGA Mentoring Award

April, 2012

Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer McDowell of the Behavioral and Brain Sciences Program for receiving one of the 2012 Outstanding Mentoring Awards from the UGA Graduate School. This award is given annually to two faculty members who display innovation and effectiveness in mentoring graduate students during their educational experience. This honor recognizes Dr. McDowell's commitment to her students and her efforts to foster their development as productive scholars.

Two Psychology Graduate Students Receive University-wide Excellence Awards

April, 2012

Congratulations to Freya Liu (left) and Michael Amlung (right) for being honored with the Excellence in Research and the Excellence in Teaching Awards, respectively. These are two of the highest awards given annually by UGA to a select number of graduate students campus-wide. A recent Ph.D. graduate of the Behavioral and Brain Sciences Program, Freya's innovative research with Capuchin monkeys has made important contributions to the areas of cognition and tool use and in non-human primates. Her work with Dr. Dorothy Fragaszy has been covered widely in the media, including Discovery News. Michael's teaching contributions to the department include several semesters as instructor of record for a variety of courses, mentoring undergraduate researchers in the laboratory, and being a founding member of the Psychology Educator Development Association (PEDA). Freya and Michael received their awards at the annual UGA Research and Faculty Recognition Banquets, attended by UGA President Adams, Provost Morehead, and other distinguished faculty and university administrtaors. Congratulations to both of them on these prestigous capstone awards.

Psychology Department Holds Annual Awards Reception

April, 2012

The Department of Psychology recently held its annual awards reception in the reading room of the Miller Learning Center. This reception was a nice opportunity for members of the Psychology Department and their colleagues to honor our students, staff, and faculty for all of their hard work and accomplishments during the 2011-2012 academic year. View photos of the event and a list of award winners

Graduate Students Win APA Early Career Competition and Receive Travel Awards

April, 2012

Monika Stojek (Clinical Program graduate student), Josh Gray (Clinical Program graduate student), and Michael Amlung (Behavioral and Brain Sciences Program graduate student) were selected from among a national pool of applicants to participate in the Early Career Poster Session at the 2012 APA Convention in Orlando. As part of this prestigious honor, each will receive a $750 travel award supported by NIAAA and NIDA to cover expenses associated with attending the convention.

Graduate School Spotlight Features One of Our Own

April, 2012

Neuroscience program graduate student Natale Sciolino was recently featured in the Graduate School Spotlight on the UGA Graduate School's website. Natale's research with Dr. Philip Holmes is investigating the brain mechanisms underlying the relationship between stress, exercise, and anxiety. "As a developing scientist, my training has been greatly impacted by the faculty and students that I have been fortunate to work with at UGA," Sciolino says. "I am fascinated by how collaboration can provide such an innovative approach in the study of neuroscience. Becoming a scientist is not only a career path, but also a way of life and component of self-identity. Well after my tenure at UGA, these experiences will continue to be integral to my education and scientific progression." Natale is just one example of the high quality research being conducted by our outstanding graduate students!

Psychology Graduate Programs Continue to Earn High National Rankings

March, 2012

Our department was once again nationally recognized for the superior quality of graduate training provided to our students. The Department of Psychology was recently ranked in the top 50 U.S. psychology graduate programs by U.S. News and World Report's 2012 edition of America's Best Graduate Schools. The Clinical Psychology program tied for 32nd overall.

New Study by UGA Psychologists Reveals Unique Role of Stress Hormone in Infants

February, 2012

A new study by University of Georgia psychologists in collaboration with researchers at Johns Hopkins University has shown for the first time that the hormone cortisol may operate differently in infants and adults. This work, conducted by graduate student Melissa Bright and faculty member Janet Frick, was published in Developmental Psychobiology and was recently covered on ScienceDaily and in the UGA Columns Newspaper.

Psychology Graduate Program Alumnus Receives APA Distinguished Professional Contribution Award

January, 2012

Congratulations to Antonio E Puente, Ph.D. who is the 2011 winner of the American Psychological Association Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Independent Practice. A graduate of the biopsychology graduate program, Dr. Puente is being recognized for "his decades of efforts to enhance the recognition of psychologists in providing health care services, for his leadership of professional societies in clinical neuropsychology, for his promotion of legislation and policy at all levels of government, and for his countless other contributions to the enhancement of independent practice in psychology." Dr. Puente's son, Nick, is a current trainee in the Clinical Psychology graduate program.

Graduate Student Receives Grant for Substance Abuse Related Research

November, 2011

Congratulations to I-O Program Graduate Student, Katie Kinkade for her receipt of a grant from the Sunshine ERC Pilot Grant Program (NIOSH) for her proposed project "Effects of client trauma on substance abuse counselors and their families." Katie was awarded $7,450 to cover the cost of conducting this important research.

Graduate Student Presents Teaching Research on National Webinar

October, 2011

Psychology graduate student, Michael Amlung, was recently an invited guest on FridayLive!, a national webinar on teaching and learning hosted by the TLT Group. Michael shared his ongoing scholarship of teaching and learning work using "virtual conferences" to integrate online content with the college classroom. An archived recording of his talk, titled "Bringing TED to Class: Hosting Virtual Conferences," can be viewed by clicking this link: FridayLive!

Neuroscience Student Receives Grant to Attend Training Course at Cold Springs Harbor Labs

October, 2011

Neuroscience program graduate student Jessica Groves-Chapman was awarded a $1000 Innovative and Interdisciplinary Research Grant (IIRG) from the UGA Graduate School. Jessica used her funds to attend a 2-week intensive course titled "Biology of Memory" at Cold Springs Harbor Laboratories this past summer. The IIRG grant program was established to support innovation and interdisciplinarity in dissertation research being conducted by doctoral students at UGA. Congratulations, Jessica!

Psychology Alumnus Named to UGA's Top 40 Under 40!

September, 2011

UGA Psychology Graduate Program alumnus Dr. William Gentry was recently recognized by the UGA Alumni Association on their Top 40 Under 40 list. The criteria for this honor state that the individual 1) Must have made an impact in business, leadership, community, educational and/or philanthropic endeavors; 2) Should demonstrate dedication to the University of Georgia and its mission of teaching, research and service; and 3) Must represent the very best of UGA graduates. Congratulations, Dr. Gentry!. View the full list here UGA's Top 40 Under 40.

UGA Psychology Professor Continues Military Training Research

September, 2011

I-O Psychology Professor Robert Mahan received a grant to develop a set of statistical models as part of a software tool for determining the timing of military training. The components of the tool include assessing both team-based and individual skill acquisition and decay functions. The objective is to create a technology that allows military commanders to quickly assess military unit readiness. The research is being sponsored by Army Research Institute in collaboration with Northrop Grumman and the U.S. Army.

Professor Emeritus Roger K. Thomas Continues his Scholarly Work on the History of Psychology

September, 2011

Professor Emeritus Roger K. Thomas's article, "The Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology and Francis Cecil Sumner," appears in the Fall 2011 issue of the American Journal of Psychology (v. 124, pp. 355-364). Sumner, the first African American to earn a PhD in psychology (1920), met SSPP's membership requirements, and his membership should have been recognized at the 1939 meeting. However, his application raised concerns in SSPP's governing Council which delayed recognizing his membership until 1940. This and other actions of Council are considered in the context of racial segregation in America in 1939. Additionally, Thomas has been invited to present a colloquium on October 11, 2011, at the Center for History of Psychology at the University of Akron. Internationally renowned, the Center includes the most prestigious archives in the history of American Psychology. Thomas's colloquium is titled: "Shepherd Ivory Franz and Karl Spencer Lashley: An Example of Unfair Historical Recognition?" Lashley will be remembered as the 20th century's foremost experimental neuropsychologist while Franz is barely remembered in history of psychology textbooks. Yet, Franz was Lashley's mentor in the methods of experimental neuropsychology, and Franz laid the foundation for some of Lashley's best known theoretical views; these and other aspects of Franz's lack of well deserved recognition will be examined.

Psychology Department's Canine Cognition Class Seeks to Understand our Four-legged Friends

July, 2011

Graduate student and instructor, Allison Eury, is charting an exciting path in our department by teaching a new undergraduate course on canine cognition. The class, among other things, focuses on canine evolution and domestication, behavior and attention to human cues, perception, development and theories of how they learn. Allison's efforts were recently featured in the Athens Banner Herald and on the UGA Website's Building the New Learning Environment feature.

I-O Psychology Graduate Student Wins National Paper Competition

July, 2011

Congratulations to I-O Psychology graduate student, Lauren Wood, for winning the 2011 Best Student Paper Competition from the Personnel Testing Council of Metropolitan Washington. As part of her award, she will present her paper in Washington, D.C. Her paper is titled, "The Changing Nature of Jobs: A Cross Temporal Meta-Analysis of Changes in Perceptions of Job Characteristics."

Erin Colbert-White's Innovative Research Featured in USA Today

June, 2011

Research by UGA Psychology graduate student, Erin Colbert-White was recently featured in USA Today's Science Fair column. Erin's innovative research investigates the linguistic and vocal capabilities of Cosmo, an African Grey Parrot (pictured above). Congratulations to Erin for earning this exciting national publicity for her work.

Paul D. Coverdell Neuroimaging Fellowship Announces Graduate Student Award Winners

April, 2011

Congratulations to Lingxi Chi and Brittany Collins, who were named the Paul D. Coverdell Neuroimaging Fellows for the coming year! They will receive a research assistantship and funds for travel and neuroimaging research. The funds are generously provided by a private philanthropic organization in Atlanta, the Franklin Foundation. The Paul D. Coverdell Neuroimaging program also awarded travel grants to several graduate students, including: Michael Amlung, Andrew Brown, Courtney Brown, David Frank, Cynthia Krafft, David Schaeffer, and Nic Schawarz.

Psychologists' Research with African Grey Parrots Featured on UGA Homepage

April, 2011

Research by UGA psychologists Erin Colbert-White and Dr. Dorothy Fragaszy recently graced the headline banners of the UGA homepage. Their work has shown, for the first time, that an African Grey parrot can develop a deeper understanding of the sounds—which we hear as words—than researchers previously thought. The article was recently published in the Journal of Comparative Psychology. We're proud of the hard work by this team of scientists and are honored to see our Department's efforts receiving such high acclaim by the University. For more information, visit the Maximizing Research website.

Graduate Students Win National Travel Awards from the Society for Pediatric Psychology

April, 2011

Bonney Reed-Knight and Kristin Loiselle were 2 of the 6 recipients of the 2011 Society of Pediatric Psychology's Travel Awards. SPP is Division 54 of APA. There were over 50 graduate student applications for these awards from across the U.S., Canada, and other countries. The SPP Student Travel Awards, each for $500, are available for students who are first author of a poster or paper to be presented at a regional or national meeting related to pediatric psychology. Congrats to Bonney and Kristin for receiving these awards.

Professor Wins Creative Research Medal from UGA

April, 2011

Professor Joshua Miller of the Clinical Psychology Program was awarded the Creative Research Medal in a ceremony sponsored by the UGA Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR). Dr. Miller was recently honored in front of a packed house that included President Adams and the entire campus administration as well as researchers from across campus. It is great to see one of our own recognized with the best at UGA.

I-O Psychologists Receive $10,000 Research Grant to Study Leadership

April, 2011

Dr. Brian Hoffman (left) and Sean Baldwin (right) of the I-O Psychology Program received the 2011 Douglas W. Bray and Ann Howard research grant from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Awards Committee. They will receive $10,000 to support their research proposal:   “Assessment Centers and Effective Leadership: The Neglected Role of Leader Vision.”  Brian and Sean will also be honored at the plenary session at SIOP. 

Graduate Students Receive National Science Foundation Research Fellowships

April, 2011

Ana Bobilev, an incoming Neuroscience student, received an honorable mention for her proposal "The Role of PAX6 in Brain Structure and Function: An Imaging Genetics Approach". David Schaeffer, a student in BBS, was awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship for his proposal on "The Effect of Exercise on Neural Fiber Tracts and Memory in Overweight Children". According to the NSF website, "the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program provides fellowships to individuals selected early in their graduate careers based on their demonstrated potential for significant achievements in science and engineering. Three years of support is provided by the program for graduate study that is in a field within NSF's mission and leads to a research-based doctoral degree."

Professor Wins National Publication Award

February, 2011

Professor Joshua Miller recently won the 2010 Walter Klopfer Award, which is given by the Society for Personality Assessment for an article that makes a distinguished contribution to the personality assessment literature. Dr. Miller's article [Abstract] was co-authored by a team of scientists, including two UGA clinical psychology program graduate students (Lauren Few and Jessica Maples).

Insitute for Behavioral Research Renamed to Honor Founder

January, 2011

As it marks its 40th anniversary, the University of Georgia Institute for Behavioral Research is being renamed in honor of founding director Bill Owens and his wife, Barbara, who is continuing her late husband's legacy with a $1 million gift. More Information

Clinical Program Student Receives Graduate School Dean's Award

January, 2011

Temilola Salami, a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology Program, was awarded a Dean's Award from the UGA Graduate School. Given to graduate students in the Social Sciences, this award is intended to help defray the cost of dissertation or thesis research. Congratulations, Temilola!

Two UGA Psychology Graduate Students Featured in APA Magazine

December, 2010

Congratulations to graduate students Liz Simpson and Erin Colbert-White for having their research featured in the November issue of gradPSYCH Magazine published by the American Psychological Association. Nice work!

UGA Primate Research Featured on Discovery News

December, 2010

New research by graduate student Qing (Freya) Liu and Professor Dorothy Fragaszy found that wild bearded capuchin monkeys put together their own nut-cracking devices and are experts at using them. Their research was recently featured on Discovery News.

New UGA research by Dr. Adam Goodie and colleagues shows people are better at strategic reasoning than was thought

November, 2010

When we make decisions based on what we think someone else will do, in anything from chess to warfare, we must use reason to infer the other’s next move—or next three or more moves—to know what we must do. This so-called recursive reasoning ability in humans has been thought to be somewhat limited. But now, in just-published research led by Dr. Adam Goodie in the Psychology Department, it appears that people can engage in much higher levels of recursive reasoning than was previously thought. Dr. Goodie's research was a collaborative effort with Psychology Department Ph.D. alumnus, Dr. Diana Young (now a faculty member at Georgia College and State University), and faculty in the UGA Computer Science Department. Click here to read an official press release from the UGA News Service

UGA Psychology Faculty Present Research at Global Vision Meeting

October, 2010

This October Drs. Hammond and Renzi presented at a meeting called “Countdown to 2020” at the CERN Globe of Science and Innovation in Geneva Switzerland.  This event, which was a joint initiative of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) and the World Health Organization, was attended or sponsored by every major international eye care NGO, as well as representatives of all of the major ophthalmology and optometry associations and the World Blind Union.   The University of Georgia was the only academic institution represented. The goal of the meeting was to discuss strategies to eliminate avoidable blindness and visual impairment worldwide.  Drs. Hammond and Renzi focused on the priority eye diseases identified by WHO (click here for a PDF version of their article) and how nutrition can be used as an effective prophylaxis.  Over 45 million people in the world are blind and 269 million live with seriously reduced vision.  At least 80% of all blindness, however, is avoidable with proper nutrition (e.g., Vitamin A supplementation in less developed countries) or behavioral intervention (e.g., avoiding infection eye disease through better sanitary practices).   One of the major goals of the Vision Sciences Laboratory, and the newly formed Human Biofactors Laboratory, is the furtherance of this goal.

Psychology Professor Honored at UGA Home Football Game

October, 2010

Psychology Professor Lillian Eby was recently recognized on the field at a UGA football game for earning a Creative Research Medal from the Office of the Vice President for Research. Congratulations, Dr. Eby!

Psychology Graduate Student Awarded National Faculty Development Grant

October, 2010

Psychology graduate student Michael Amlung is a recipient of a Faculty Development Grant from the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (APA Division Two). This competitive, national award is part of a larger APA initiative to support the development of future psychology educators. Michael will use his grant funds to present a symposium at the 2011 SoTL Commons meeting in March. Michael also recently represented UGA on a national STP working group on new faculty recruitment and other membership issues. More Information

Faculty Member Honored with 2010 Embracing Diversity Award

September, 2010

Psychology Professor Kecia Thomas is a recipient of UGA's 2010 Embracing Diversity Award! The award recognizes outstanding accomplishments of individuals, groups, or teams who have contributed to diversity and inclusion efforts at UGA. We are so proud of her many contributions to our Department, as well as the positive impact she has made on the lives of so many at UGA.

Psychology Professor Presented with SESP Distinguished Scientist Award

September, 2010

Psychology Professor Emeritus Abraham Tesser will be presented with the SESP Distinguished Scientist Award at this year's Society for Social Psychology Conference. This is the highest award given to a social psychologist and reflects a lifetime of groundbreaking research.

Clinical Psychology Graduate Student Named 2010 ARCS Foundation Scholar

August, 2010

Clinical Program graduate student Bonney Reed-Knight was recently named as a 2010 ARCS Foundation Scholar. The ARCS Foundation, Inc. is a national volunteer women's organization dedicated to supporting U.S. graduate and undergraduate students by providing scholarships in medicine, engineering and the natural sciences.

Psychology Doctoral Student Using Nintendo Wii to Study How Physical Activity in Children Affects Cognition

July, 2010

Lifespan-Developmental Program graduate student John Best's innovative research using Nintendo Wii to study the connection between physical activity and cognitive performance in children was recently profiled in the Athens Banner-Herald Read the Article

Psychology Doctoral Student Featured on Graduate School Spotlight

July, 2010

Neuroscience and Behavior Program graduate student Elizabeth Simpson's research and teaching endeavors are the focus of the this month's Graduate Student Spotlight from the UGA Graduate School. Visit the Graduate School website to learn more about Liz's successes as a graduate student in the Department of Psychology.

Philip V. Holmes

Neuroscience Professor's Research Appears in Time Magazine Online

July, 2010

Research by Neuroscience & Behavior Program Professor Philip Holmes and his colleagues was recently discussed in an article in Time Magazine's Online Edition. Their work has shown that over the course of several weeks, exercise can switch on certain genes that increase the brain's level of key neurotransmitters that appear to tone down the body's stress response by regulating another brain chemical, norepinephrine. Read the Article

Psychology Department Mourns the Loss of Professor Richard L. Marsh

June, 2010

The Psychology Department is mourning the death of Dr. Richard Marsh, who passed away Tuesday, June 8, 2010. Rich had been in declining health in recent months, but up through the end of the spring semester he was continuing his wonderfully productive research on human learning and memory, training his graduate and undergraduate lab team, and continuing his prolific publication rate. Rich served as Associate Editor of the prestigious journal Memory & Cognition, and was a Fellow of both the American Psychological Association and the American Psychological Society, as well as serving as the Chair of our Cognitive-Experimental Program. In his 17 years in the Psychology department he received a record nine teaching awards at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. To commemorate Rich's extraordinary commitment to mentoring students, we are creating the Richard L. Marsh Mentoring Award in his name, to be awarded annually to a faculty member and graduate student who show extraordinary commitment to research mentoring; the graduate student award will also carry a cash stipend. Information on donating to this memorial award will be posted shortly. Rich has been a pillar of our department since his arrival in 1993, and he will be sorely missed.

New Psychological Intervention Program Shows Promise in Helping those with Bowel Diseases

June, 2010

Teenagers with IBD, including Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, often have serious trouble coping with the disorders. But a new cognitive-behavioral, skills-based treatment intervention program developed and tested by psychologists at the University of Georgia shows promise of reducing physical symptoms and increasing adaptive coping strategies. The collaborative research team includes scientists from UGA, Emory University, and Children's Center for Digestive Healthcare in Atlanta. UGA researchers include Dr. Ronald Blount, Megan McCormick, and Bonney Reed-Knight. More Information

Faculty, Staff, and Students Honored at Annual Awards Reception

May, 2010

The Psychology Department recently held its annual awards reception. This event was a nice opportunity to acknowledge the achievements and contributions of our hard-working students, staff, and faculty. Click here for more information about the event and this year's award recipients.


Industrial-Organizational Psychology Student SIOP Graduate Student Scholarship

April, 2010

Beth Bynum was honored with a SIOP Graduate Student Scholarship for her dissertation proposal entitled, "Patterns of multisource performance ratings: An integrated approach for examining (dis)agreement across sources." The SIOP Graduate Student Scholarship is a very competitive award that is given to ABD-level doctoral students based on their dissertation proposal and recognizes achievement in a graduate career. The award is intended to assist doctoral students in the field of industrial and organizational psychology with the costs of carrying out their dissertation work.

Psychology Graduate Programs Continue to Rank Among Nation's Best

April, 2010

The Department of Psychology was recently ranked in the top 50 U.S. psychology graduate programs by U.S. News and World Report's 2011 edition of America's Best Graduate Schools. The Clinical Psychology program was tied for 33rd overall.


Psychology Faculty Receive Honors at OVPR Annual Awards

April, 2010

Three Psychology faculty members received honors at the Annual Awards Banquet for the Office of the Vice President for Research. Drs. Keith Campbell and Lillian Eby received Creative Research Medals. Dr. Andrea Hohman was the recipient of a Creative Research Award.

Cindy Krafft

Cognitive-Experimental Graduate Student Wins NSF Fellowship

April, 2010

Cognitive-Experimental graduate student Cynthia Krafft received a prestigious 3-year Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Cynthia's research project will address the very timely issue of how exercise affects cognitive functioning in overweight children.

Graduate Students Honored for Outstanding Teaching Activities

March, 2010

Several Psychology Department graduate students recently received Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards from the Graduate School and Center for Teaching and Learning. This year's recipients were Michael Amlung (Cognitive), Sean Baldwin (Industrial-Organizational), John Best (Lifespan-Developmental), Melissa Dengler (Lifespan-Developmental), Matt Goren (Social), Tephillah Jeyaraj (Neuroscience), Desiree Sharpe (Neuroscience), Aisha Siddiqui (Cognitive), Brian Stone (Neuroscience), and Lauren Ethridge (Neuroscience). Two psychology graduate students were also selected to participate in the Center for Teaching and Learning's Future Faculty Program (Brian Stone and Melissa Dengler).

Brian Hoffman

I/O Professor's Research on National Football League Featured in Atlanta Journal Constitution

March, 2010

A new study by Industrial/Organizational Psychology Professor Brian Hoffman questions whether the Wonderlic helps NFL teams select more effective players. His work was featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Philip V. Holmes

Holmes receives $1.9 million grant from NIH to study drug addiction

February, 2010

Neuroscience & Behavior Program Professor Philip Holmes, along with a team of collaborators from UGA and Emory University, has been awarded a $1.9 million NIH grant to study the neurobiological mechanisms for how regular aerobic exercise may prevent drug abuse relapse. In addition to providing the basis for developing novel pharmacotherapies for addiction, the research will shed light on a specific neurobiological mechanism for the beneficial effects of exercise. Such information will be essential in optimizing behavioral interventions for treating addictive behaviors.

Joshua Miller

Clinical Faculty Member Named to Editorial Position

January, 2010

Clinical Program Assistant Professor Joshua Miller named Associate Editor of Journal of Personality effective February 2010.

Dorothy M. Fragaszy

Fragaszy Named Fellow of AAAS

December, 2009

Neuroscience & Behavior Program Professor Dorothy M. Fragaszy named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Chuck Lance

Industrial-Organizational Psychology Professor Shares Article of the Decade Award

August, 2009

Industrial-Organizational Psychology Professor Chuck Lance and UGA Management Professor Robert Vandenberg won the 2009 Organizational Research Methods' Article of the Decade Award for their article: Vandenberg, R. J., & Lance, C. E. (2000). A review and synthesis of the measurement invariance literature: Suggestions, practices, and recommendations for organizational research. Organizational Research Methods, 3, 4-69.

Plaut and Thomas

'Colorblindness' Hurts Minority Employees

April, 2009

A recent study by Victoria Plaut and Kecia Thomas determined that 'colorblindness' in the workplace hurts minority employees, but multiculturalism inspires their commitment. Their work was featured in the UGA Columns Newsletter.

Dorothy Fragaszy

Fragaszy Receives Award

March, 2009

Dorothy Fragaszy received a 2009 Creative Research Award from the University of Georgia. Read More.

Multidisciplinary Team Reveals New Data on Alzheimer's Disease

March, 2009

A multidisciplinary team of researchers from UGA (including Clinical Program professor L. Steven Miller), the Augusta VA Hospital, and the Medical College of Georgia have "revealed a direct relationship between two specific antibodies and the severity of Alzheimer's disease symptoms, raising hopes that a diagnostic blood test for the devastating disorder is within reach." Read about their work in the UGA Columns Newsletter.