Friday, February 13, 2015 - 3:59pm

New UGA research by Dr. Adam Goodie and colleagues shows people are better at strategic reasoning than was thought
November, 2010

When we make decisions based on what we think someone else will do, in anything from chess to warfare, we must use reason to infer the other’s next move—or next three or more moves—to know what we must do. This so-called recursive reasoning ability in humans has been thought to be somewhat limited. But now, in just-published research led by Dr. Adam Goodie in the Psychology Department, it appears that people can engage in much higher levels of recursive reasoning than was previously thought. Dr. Goodie's research was a collaborative effort with Psychology Department Ph.D. alumnus, Dr. Diana Young (now a faculty member at Georgia College and State University), and faculty in the UGA Computer Science Department. Click here to read an official press release from the UGA News Service