Wednesday, February 11, 2015 - 1:32pm

Congratulations to Freya Liu (left) and Michael Amlung (right) for being honored with the Excellence in Research and the Excellence in Teaching Awards, respectively. These are two of the highest awards given annually by UGA to a select number of graduate students campus-wide. A recent Ph.D. graduate of the Behavioral and Brain Sciences Program, Freya's innovative research with Capuchin monkeys has made important contributions to the areas of cognition and tool use and in non-human primates. Her work with Dr. Dorothy Fragaszy has been covered widely in the media, including Discovery News. Michael's teaching contributions to the department include several semesters as instructor of record for a variety of courses, mentoring undergraduate researchers in the laboratory, and being a founding member of the Psychology Educator Development Association (PEDA). Freya and Michael received their awards at the annual UGA Research and Faculty Recognition Banquets, attended by UGA President Adams, Provost Morehead, and other distinguished faculty and university administrtaors. Congratulations to both of them on these prestigous capstone awards.