Group Picture Spring 2017

The LPD Lab Seniors Spring 2017

Seniors Spring 2017

Group Picture Spring 2016

Lab Seniors Spring 2016

LPD Lab at Mellow Mushroom Fall 2015

Lab alumni dinner at SIOP Philadelphia

Lab Group Picture Spring 2015

Graduating Seniors Spring 2015

Kelsey and Amber presenting at Psi Chi

Dennis and Alex presenting at Psi Chi

Ben and Alex presenting at Psi Chi

Ben and Zach presenting at Psi Chi

Dessert Potluck Spring 2014

Colby and Lauren winning awards at the 2014 Psychology Department Awards Ceremony

Lab Picture Day Spring 2014

UGA Six Flags Night Spring 2014


“I didn’t know people played board games anymore”

Dominic and Tiffany

Kelli and Anna


Amber Presenting at PSI CHI

Molly Presenting at PSI CHI

Michelle and Kelli Presenting at PSI CHI

Jorge and Alex Presenting at PSI CHI

Ben and Ashley Presenting at PSI CHI

Megan and Miles Presenting at PSI CHI

Tiffany Presenting at PSI CHI

Lab Community Service Spring 2014

Mary and Walker

Hard at Work

Clearing the Trail

Lab Pizza Dinner Spring 2014

Megan, Miles, and Amber