Undergraduate Program in Psychology

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Welcome to the psychology major! Psychology is one of the most popular majors at UGA, and offers students a broad, scientifically-based education applicable to a wide variety of careers. Psychology is a field that studies processes areas as diverse as clinical behavior problems, child development, workplace violence, self-esteem, the effect of nutrition on vision, racial prejudice, memory, how people make decisions, anxiety disorders, cognition in primates, and the effect of different drugs on neurotransmitters in the brain. In fact, the UGA psychology department has faculty members studying all of these types of issues, and many more!

Within this website, you will find information on course requirements for the psychology major, how advising works in the psychology department, how to sign up for research experience opportunities such as PSYC 4800, and different options available for psychology majors after graduation. You can also find out information about the psychology department faculty and staff, as well as graduate students and other people who work in this department.

Fall 2014 Course Offerings (UGA Registrar)

Undergrad Computer Lab Hours, Policies, and Procedures

Information on Signing Up for Experiments (Research Pool)

Undergraduates who have questions about the psychology major should check this website first, but if you still have questions, contact Tracey Villaveces or call (706) 542-3052.

I am a Psychology Student, Now What? (Powerpoint)

After Graduation