Nathan Carter and Colleagues Win SIOP Awards

We are pleased to announce that Nathan Carter and colleagues have won not one, but two Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology (SIOP) awards for their paper titled "Uncovering curvilinear relationships between conscientiousness and job performance: How theoretically appropriate measurement makes an empirical difference." The paper was awarded the 2015 SIOP Joyce and Robert Hogan Award for Personalit

Psychology Department ranked #2 in the 2014 list of top Graduate Programs for Psychology Studies

The Psychology Department is excited to announce its number 2 ranking in the 2014 list of Top 25 Graduate Programs for Psychology Studies. Graduate Programs establishes this ranking by surveying over 70,000 graduate students in programs nationwide. Given the wonderful people in our program, this comes as no surprise. Keep up the great work, everyone!

Mission of MERlab

We study and report back on narcissism and other aspects of personality as they move across social, cultural and virtual realities. We strive to do work that is interesting, creative, and generative. We value science that is open and accessible to other researchers and to the public. We ignore disciplinary boundaries as much as possible. If we are not having fun we vow to get real jobs.



Allison Howard, MS 2010, PhD 2014
Erin Colbert-White, MS 2009, PhD 2013
Lucy LaCour, MS 2013
Elizabeth Simpson, MS 2008, PhD 2011
Jing Pan, MS 2008, PhD 2013
Brian Stone, MS 2008, PhD 2013
Qing Liu, MS 2007, PhD 2011
Jessica Crast, MS 2006, PhD 2010
Noel Gunst, PhD 2008
Erica Hoy, MS 2003, PhD 2006
Carrie Rosengart, MS 2001, PhD 2005 
Katie Leighty, MS, 2001, PhD 2005
Sarah Cummins, MS 1999, PhD 2003
Valerie Staton, MS, 1999
Elizabeth Johnson, MS 1998, PhD 2000
Julie Johnson, MS 1995, PhD 1999


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