Megan Murphy Wins CURO Symposium Best Paper Award for the Social Sciences

Psychology student Megan Murphy won the CURO Symposium Best Paper Award for the Social Sciences for her paper titled "White matter structure differs between schizophrenia and healthy comparison groups as a function of cognitive control and age". She won $100 and was recognized at the CURO keynote session. Congratulations to Megan and all of the psychology students who participated in the research symposium.

I-O Psychology Alumni Company Places First in Ranking of Fastest-Growing UGA Alumni Businesses

Dr. Douhitt and Dr. Mondore shake hands while receiving their award

We are proud to announce that two Industrial-Organizational (I-O) psychology program alumni have been awarded the first-place ranking of the 2016 UGA Alumni Association ranking of fastest-growing UGA alumni businesses. Their company, Strategic Management Decisions (SMD) LLC was founded by Dr. Shane Douhitt and Dr. Scott Mondore and provides cloud-based talent software for people management. SMD also employs a number of other UGA I-O alumni. Congratulations, Dr. Douthitt and Dr. Mondore!

Brian Hoffman Awarded SIOP Fellow Status

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Brian Hoffman has been appointed as a fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP). SIOP fellows are appointed for having meaningful, sustained, and unusual impact on the field of industrial and organizational psychology, and fellow status is considered one of the highest SIOP honors. Congratulations, Dr. Hoffman!

Julie Delose and Brittany Whitlock Awarded Campus Sustainability Grants

Sustainable UGA Square Logo

Julie Delose and Brittany Whitlock were awarded Campus Sustainability Grants from the UGA Office of Sustainability. 

Julie was awarded $4,670  for “Why Can't We Be Sustainable Later? Examining the role of environmental attitudes on sustainable behaviors in the present and in the future.” Her project will be supervised by Michelle vanDellen, an Assistant Professor in the Behavioral and Brain Sciences Program. 

Antonio E. Puente Elected to APA President

Antonio E. Puente, Professor of Psychology at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and UGA alum, has been elected for the Presidency of the American Psychological Association. After 35 years of leadership with the APA and other nation health organizations, Puente seeks to establish the APA as a leader in healthcare reform while holding true to its century long and rich history. Congratulations, Tony!

Psychology Newsletter - Fall 2015

Psychology News - Fall 2015

Welcome to another great year in the Department of Psychology. Our annual graduation and awards ceremonies last spring highlighted some of the great work our students are doing. And this year we are joined by some great new faculty and students. We hope you enjoy this latest installment of our newsletter!

-Department Head Keith Campbell



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