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Kara Dyckman

Hometown: Easton, PA

Undergraduate: B.A. in Psychology, Bucknell University,1996

Graduate: PhD Psychology: Cognitive, UGA (2007)

Kara received her Ph.D. in Cognitive and Experimental Psychology in 2007. After a post-doctoral position in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, she was hired by the UGA Psychology Department as a full time instructor. She will teach many of the departmental courses in cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging methods. Her arrival has provided much improved access for undergraduate students to neuroimaging techniques at UGA.


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Wade, T. J., Abad, K. A., & Cooper, M. Facial shape and the perception of African Americans. Paper presented at the 107th American Psychological Association Convention, Boston, Massachusetts, August 1999.


2006 Acceptance to 2006 John Merck Fund Summer Institute on the Biology of Developmental Disabilities - Funding for tuition, meals, and housing, plus a travel stipend of $200

2005-2006 Paul D. Coverdell Neuroimaging Program Franklin Foundation Travel Award

2004-2005 Paul D. Coverdell Neuroimaging Program Franklin Foundation Scholar

2004-2005 American Psychological Foundation Graduate Research Scholarship (APF/COGDOP) – $1,000 for research

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